updating on other website…

I forget to do both even though I said I would.

We arrived to Philadelphia Monday. We were exhausted since we were up most the night before. Leaving Owen was very tough on both of us. We got to the hospital and ate lunch there. Then went for our appointment. We had an ultrasound and it went great. Girls are still head down and weight in at 4 lbs 5 oz each. Crazy to think they are that big. I had all my blood work done.

We also got settled into the Ronald McDonald House. Its not home but it will do. We are more comfortable now that we have been here a couple days. We have met many families and kids. We also were able to get our own comfort food and make our place here. We will be seeing them a lot this next year.

We went to a near by town for some shopping. It was nice to get out. We are staying in tomorrow. Its suppose to rain and I am exhausted. I physically hurt since it feels like the girls are trying to kick their way out of me.

We have another appointment Monday. The following week is delivery week. Can you believe we are that close?!? My husband can! haha! We will go in Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th for steroid shots and preop. Then my parents will come the 29th. One last dinner and then on March 1st the girls will be here. I can’t wait to see their faces. It is so surreal. I will be in the hospital for three days and will try to update as they do tests and when we find out results. Sunday my dad will bring Owen to visit. I can’t wait to see and kiss that little face. He will be here only a night but it will be worth it. Then we will go to a hotel to recover for a few days.

From there we will figure out where we are going. Its up in the air and you can’t plan very well. Just go with the wind.

Please keep the prayers coming. We need them very much so now. Thank you.


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