Just to keep you all updated

I wanted to write to you all because I haven’t since my last appointment. We are still here in NY with my family. We have been enjoying our time with our son and my parents. Owen loves having mommy and daddy home. Its been rough because the week we returned him and I got very sick. I still am sick but he is better which is more important. I have a terrible headcold that will not go away. Its been here since before Christmas.

I am getting larger and clothes are getting smaller. It’s a ongoing joke in my household that my belly hangs out of my shirts because even the longest shirts don’t help. I gave up on caring anymore. We spent this past weekend with family and friends. It was nice to go out with my brother and his girlfriend Natalie Saturday night and hang out with all their friends for my brother’s 27th birthday. Happy Birthday Old Man! Sunday we spent the day with family to celebrate my big brother’s birthday. It was nice because it gave us one last time before the babies are born to get together. Later we watched the Superbowl. I fell asleep however sometime in the second half. I was very tired.

Our stuff is all packed and we are getting closer to relocating. I am getting nervous as the days go by. My wonderful husband keeps assuring me things will be fine and he is there next to me through it all. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to be by my side. He listens to all my fears and concerns, my hopes and joys. He is truly there for me through this all. He even lets me hold his arm when walking into a store since walking is very hard these days.



I wanted to include in this post a recent story I heard about a very beautiful 5 year old, Maddie Musto. You might have heard her story recently but if you haven’t here is a link to the blog I recently read her story. http://www.kidographybydania.com/musto/ After reading her story, I just cried. My heart truly breaks for them. Sadly Maddie passed away today. God felt she was ready to get her wings and fly. As I watch our community gather and grieve over the lost of this little girl, I see how many hearts she has touched. Please say a prayer for this family tonight. Hold your children and loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. Rest in peace sweet Maddie! You are so loved by many!


*moment of silence*


I just wanted to end this by saying life is short and precious and we must love every chance we get. God bless everyone.


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