Our girls look like Owen!

Once again we hit another week! We have made it to 31 weeks. Today was a bittersweet day. It was our last appointment at the Syracuse office before having the girls. I love the staff there and love going there. But having this last appointment means the babies are soon to come!!!

We had our usual ultrasound. The girls were wiggling. Baby A heartbeat was 168 and Baby B was 149. They have a ton of hair from what we could see. They also look sooo much like Owen. Its unbelievable. Their weight is great. One is 3lbs 13 oz and the other is 3lbs 10oz. They are absolutely perfect!!!

Everything looks great. I look like I am going to make it the next 11 days we have left here. Its been a rough week since we came back. Owen and myself have been sick and Owen has been home with us. Hopefully next week we will get him back to the daycare and his routine before we leave again.

Other than that there is not much to update. Here are some pictures of the girls!!!


And of course I had to include Owen’s Big Brother gift. We got him a Build-a-Bear and we plan on getting him a little backpack and cowboy hat of his own!


This is Bobo!!!


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