We have a scheduled csection date!!!

This is going to be a very informative and positive post. Just a few days ago Greg and I didn’t have a clue when we were relocating to Philadelphia, when we would deliver the babies, how the delivery even went like, or what was to come before us. Our only jobs were to sit and wait, and for me to keep baking these babies.

Tuesday morning we made our trip to Philadelphia. We had all our clothes, baby clothes, everything packed to stay for four weeks. We were told we would come for our 30 week appointment and depending on how I was doing, they would tell us if we were staying or not. If we didn’t stay, we would be allowed back for two more weeks before really relocating. This was very hard for us. When you have a child already, leaving them is the worse and hardest thing possible. If we were going to be given two more weeks with him, we would take it in a heart beat. However we had two baby girls to worry about also.

Wednesday we had all our appointments. When we say appointments, we are scheduled to see a ton of people. First was the echo on the girls’ hearts. This is an hour long ultrasound where they look at the girls hearts. The echo turned out good. Both hearts were beating great and they had great blood flow. Second was our ultrasound. The girls were moving all over and it was hard to get good measurements. Not to mention, I am so large laying on my back is a challenge. After the tests we met with the OB. He was great and very pleased with the growth of the girls. He said they were doing great and we could go home for two more weeks. He said everything anatomy wise looks excellent. This is pure music to our ears. I felt my heart smile in that moment. Later we met with the midwife. She was sooo nice. She told us our scheduled csection date, March 1st. To our surprise, we were pushed back from 34 weeks to 35 weeks. This is great news because even though I would be that much bigger, so will they and that means the most. We also scheduled the date we would relocate to Philadelphia. We would be going February 13th. That is when the fun stuff really begins.

During our visit we also learned what delivery day would be like. We would be scheduled for the morning. Not sure the time yet but I am guessing early. We will go in and I will get prepped. Greg will be in the room with me. There will also be a huge huge team of doctors and nurses. Because there are two babies and they are conjoined, we will have two OBs doing the surgery. Once the girls are delivered they will go to a team who will stabilize them. Before they leave, I will get to see them quickly. Greg will be able to go and take pictures while they clean them off. I will be closed up and taken to my recovery room where my parents will be. Once the girls are stable, they will bring them by the room so we can see them again. It won’t be for long but at least we can see them. The girls will then go to the NICU and later we will be able to see them again.

We also learned about feedings. Because they are conjoined, the babies will not be able to feed by mouth at first. They will get  IVs. However there is a procedure they would like us to do and its called oral care. This is where every time I pump, one of us can take our clean finger or a swab and take the milk and coat each girl’s mouth. This way the milk is absorbed into their cheeks. This is entirely new, cool, and exciting bonding experience for us.

Here we are though, very excited to see our little girls soon. Five more weeks of baking and they will be stronger and healthier. We are hoping March 1, 2012 will be our little girls’ birthdays!


One thought on “We have a scheduled csection date!!!

  1. Shelly Case says:

    Wow. I just read this update and am litterally crying my eyes out. I am so happy that everything is going well. You always hear of these kinds of stories, but never imagine you will know someone like yourselves!

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