Thank you to our wonderful community!

I wanted to thank everyone that came out last night to show their support and those that couldn’t make it out but still donated. You all are amazing people who have a special place in our hearts. This is what a great community is all about, coming together to support those in need.

Years ago, I swore up and down I was going to leave this area. I said I didn’t want to stay around here. I think we all think that at some point. I met my husband and we were still not sure if we wanted to stay here or not. But as time went on, our minds changed and we fell in love with this area. Since finding out about the twins, our decision to stay here has been confirmed and you all just reminded us our decision was the right one with all the love and support we have received.

Seeing all of you that could come last night left me in tears when I got home. I hold it together in public because I hate hate hate crying. However when I got home, the emotions started flowing. The tears came because so many of you gave to help us out. Tears came because not only did you donate, but you were there to hug us and just let us know you are praying for us.

If I did not see you but you were there, I am so sorry. It was overwhelming with the amount of people. If you couldn’t make it, know that we appreciate your thoughts and donations. Thank you again!


One thought on “Thank you to our wonderful community!

  1. Father Ratigan and the K of C says:

    I echo Shelly and Greg’s thanks to everyone for their support on Saturday.
    Special thanks to everyone for their understanding. The Knights had no idea how many to expect. They just didn’t know and made their best guess. They prepped for 250 dinners…needless to say things got quite hectic when 600 people showed up!!
    It was confusion but it was “good confusion”—thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding.
    The intention of the night was to show our support to Greg and Shelly and the community truly did that. May God Bless all of you for your support and continued prayers.

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