Owen Wyatt Tucker

I can’t forget about our son. I have not done a post yet about him. This is to Owen, our big man.

I will date back to September 2009, I found out I was pregnant. We were shocked and surprised, and so happy. My due date was June 1, 2010. We were so excited to have a baby. We knew our lives would change, but never knew how much. We also didn’t know we were about to discover a love we never knew was possible. January 2010, we found out we were having a baby boy. We knew from that moment his name would be Owen Wyatt. And boy does the name fit him well. We started buying and perparing for this baby. He was already loved by so many.

May 31 came around and I was 40 weeks pregnant. I went to my doctor’s appointment to find out I was 3 and half cm dilated but I had to go home and continue baking him. I cried when I left. I wanted to have him so bad. I was impatient, uncomfortable, and just ready to have my baby. I went to Jreck Subs that day to meet my brother and to our surprise, I couldn’t fit in the booth. I cried even more. I went home to soak in misery since I was still 40 weeks pregnant. The next two days crawled by. Finally that Wednesday I did my usual routine of going to the Farmers Market. If you didn’t know, my parents work at the State Office building in Watertown. I would go every Wednesday for the famous kettle corn and eat the largest bag they had as I waddled up and down the sidewalks. It was hot that day and I was crabby. I went home with my mom that night and went straight to bed without dinner. I woke up at 9 hungry and ate then back to bed. By 3:15 am I woke up to use the restroom, to only discover I was having contractions and stuck in the bathroom. I called for nearly 30 minutes to my parents to get them up so we could go to the hospital. Finally my yorkie Raidar woke up and therefore woke them up.

At 7:21 am on June 3, 2010, I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy Owen Wyatt. My first words was oh my he looks just like my husband! Owen was a true mini Greg. And to this day he still is. Owen was born and had low blood sugar so he spent four days in the NICU receiving sugar water to bring it back up. Owen was able to come home June 6. My parents and I brought home our little bundle of joy and daddy got to see him on skype. Thank you for technology.

Owen quickly picked up the name Big Man. He is too smart for his own good. He will “pound” fists with everyone he meets. He loves his Spongebob and his trucks. He is completely OCD and its sooo funny. He loves babies and he will be a great big brother to these girls. They are lucky to have him!





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