My new friend Rebecca…

I wanted to take a moment and write a little something about a girl who essentially is a complete stranger yet she has become my biggest cheerleader and supporter. But before I go on about her, I want to say thank you to all my supporters and cheerleaders. The comments I receive here and on my facebook page help me more than you know. Even if it is a great job or wonderful news, the fact you took time to say anything, means so much.

Now to my new friend, Rebecca. I have only talked to Rebecca online. I met her through a mommies website and became friends with her on facebook. She is currently pregnant and due in April like me. She is truly a beautiful person. The words she writes to me help me keep things together. I knew God sent us people to help us through our journey and I honestly know she was sent to help me. Whether she realizes the words she says helps me or not, she is truly a blessing in my life.

I just wanted to say thank you to her. Not sure if she will ever read this or not, but I want her to know I appreciate all that she has to say. Thank you for picking me up when I hit the floor and thank you for reminding me to keep pushing forward for my son and my daughters.


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