28 weeks…

A little inside of my appointments. I go every two weeks to see a doctor. I go to Philadelphia every four weeks and then in between my appointments there, I go to a doctor in Syracuse. My appointments is made up of an hour long ultrasound and a visit with the doctor. The ones at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) are a little longer because they usually add-on other meetings with social workers, tours, and what nots.

During the hour-long ultrasound, each girl is measured. The tech measures the girls’ heads and bellies and legs to make sure they are growing normally and equally. Then I get my amniotic fluid measured as well as my cervix length.

I wanted to let my readers learn why they measure all of this. The size of the heads, bellies, and legs lets us know their estimated weight. This gives us an idea of how they are growing according to the charts also, as well as growing compared to each other. One neat fact about conjoined twins, they will never face twin to twin transfusion. The reason is unknown but conjoined babies grow constant to each other. This is great for us, it is one less thing we have to worry about.

The growth of the amniotic fluid is very very important. Polyhydramnios is the condition of having too much amniotic fluid surrounding the babies. Generally the level can be off with twins because of twin to twin transfusion or in our case, with conjoined twins. The level can cause preterm labor and sometimes stillbirths. This is why it is important I get checked every two weeks, and from here on out I will get checked once a week.

Today we had our 28 week appointment. Number one good news of the day, we made it to 28 weeks. This is a big milestone for moms carrying twins. And we hit this new milestone. Number two good news, the girls are doing great. They are growing together equally and they are both 2lbs 8 oz. The doctor and ultrasound tech said they should be about 4 and half to 5 lbs by the time they are born at 34 weeks. How insane is that!!! We would be so happy if they get to 34 weeks because they will be so strong and developed and bigger.

I will continue to rest and eat lots of food to keep my girls growing strong. I am getting good at this whole eating and resting deal. However I am ready to get up and make it through a store without losing breath and having to sit. I would love to have my son sit on my lap (which has disappeared). I would love to pick up my own shoes or get clothes out of the dryer, however if resting and eating all the food in the house are the things I need to do, I will do it.

 These are Baby B who I like to call Allison June’s toes!

 This is Baby Amelia!

 Both our beautiful baby girls


One thought on “28 weeks…

  1. Shelly Case says:

    Love that you share your story Shellie! I continue to pray for you all an know everything is going to be fine! Glad you made another milestone!

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