The joys of carrying conjoined twins…

Carrying conjoined twins when you are 5’1 comes with a price. I do not have much room from point A to point B so girls, you must share the room in there. I wish I could teach them about sharing since some days it feels like they are fighting to get away from each other.

I would like to explain to all of you what the doctors have explained to me. When a mother carries twins, or any multiples for that matter, the babies learn to bend and spoon or form together comfortably in the uterus. This means they can move around and even away from each other to get comfortable. The uterus is stretched to house these twins. Here is a picture of regular twins in two different sacs.

These two babies can shift up or down and can turn around until they have room.

However with conjoined twins, they don’t have that chance. I cannot find a photo that shows our situation however the girls face each other stomach to stomach and they cannot turn away from one another. They can’t shift up or down away from one another. They are stuck in this position. So every time they decide to move positions, for example go from heads up near my ribs to heads on my right side and feet on my left, I feel intense pressure and pain. Right now one is head down and other has her head near my right hip. They are going diagonal across my belly. It makes life uncomfortable and my hip really hurt.

My point explaining this is not just to prove the constant uncomfortable feeling I have, the point is that its extremely important they do not let me go past 34 weeks. The uterus has to stretch even more with conjoined twins then regular twins. Being so short, I don’t have much room for the girls to grow and this means the uterus will expand even more. It is so important to deliver at 34 weeks. The risks and danger for me and the girls go up after that.

I am in a very scary position. I feel like a ticking time bomb ready to explode and I am hoping to make it to the time limit and disassemble without exploding. However every kick, every belly jiggle, every hiccup, every tender move I feel from my girls is a reminder that they are there, growing, and as of that day, things are looking good.


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