Finding outfits

At our last appointment, we were told to go ahead and get outfits, socks, hats, and blankets for the girls. We were told they encourage us to make the girls feel absolutely comfortable and in their own clothes. Before this appointment, we bought a couple of things but really didn’t buy anything because we were unsure if they would be able to wear anything.

Well finding clothes is complicated. We bought some outfits the same so both girls will wear the same outfits. But after getting a couple we realized we don’t want them to wear every outfit the same. We want them to be different. But finding outfits to go together and connect, is well, not easy. We have been buying snap up sleepers. We figured they would work and they do when you snap them together. And we figured some zip up jackets work if you pay attention to the zipper part. I feel like it is a science to figure out these outfits.

However I am excited to say I got some super cute socks, hats, and newborn headbands for the girls. I am very picky on blankets and are having trouble finding some. I am very excited to buy girlie clothes. It is so much different then buying boy clothes.


3 thoughts on “Finding outfits

  1. I found Kayley my daughter loved the homemade knitted baby blankets with the soft baby yarn and the pattern that has tiny holes. Right from day 1 she loved holding it and manipilating her fingers through it she still does and is 1 1/2yr. If you know someone that knits or crossets (my sis marie does if you don’t know anyone) you can find any pattern you like and colors. Just an idea if they are made right they are so cute and soft and you can have them made to any size

  2. Natalie says:

    Cant wait to dress the heck out of these girls and take them shopping!! I’ll create little monsters:-P Such a blessing and can’t wait for all the fun times to come! Love you!!

  3. I knit, crochet, and sew, if you would like for me to make blankets. I could go shopping with you to pick supplies that would be best to work with. By the way, I purchased 2 fuzzy (snap up the front) matching sleeps for your girls. They are newborn size, so it will be a while before they fit, I’m sure. I look forward to hearing from you.

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