Update on appointment… made it to 26 weeks

Yesterday we had a follow up appointment in Philadelphia at the Children’s Hospital. We went to our ultrasound first and it was great. The girls are about 2lbs each and are doing well. Everything looked great. The high risk doctor was pleased.

We took a tour of the delivery unit and the NICU. It was nice to see everything. We were pleased and very happy with the hospital. It is so big. The room where the girls will be is private and set off away from the others. The girls will get a bigger bed to have more room. We will also have a chance to meet another couple who have a set of girls that were just separated.

We also were able to come up with a plan of where to stay and what to do with Owen during the next couple months. It will be a long year 2012 but we will do what we need to for our girls.


2 thoughts on “Update on appointment… made it to 26 weeks

  1. Annette says:

    Shellie, we have been praying for you guys since the first of the news. I am so proud of you guys and how strong you guys have been so far. I am so lucky to have met you, and to be a spec along your journey! If you need anything AT ALL! You know we are here for you although many miles away! God bless your growing family and those beautiful baby girls soon to brighten up your world! We will keep praying for you guys!! Xoxo
    Love, The Figueroas!!
    P.s. Robert misses Owen so much!! Constantly asking for him 🙂

  2. Diane Schirano says:

    Shellie, I am glad things are going good so far. We all keep praying for you and the girls. I’m so proud to be related to such a strong youg lady. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help. Give my hugs and kisses to Owen and keep me up to date. Love and Prayers, Aunt Diane

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